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Best Science Fiction Feature

Best Science Fiction Short

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Best Science Fiction Web Series

Best Innovation in AI Filmmaking

Best German Science Fiction Film or Series

Innovation in AI Filmmaking

Open Source Technology Award (for achievement in the use of Open Source Software in filmmaking)

Stories That Would Make Great Sci-Fi Movies

Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions of Entry into Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest (Known herein as the Festival).

1 - Submissions must belong to Sci-fi/Fantasy or any relevant sub-genres.

2 - We welcome films from any country in the world. If the film is in any language other than English, the film must have English subtitles embedded.

3 - If selected, the submitter of a film must provide the following within 30 days of notification:

A non-watermarked film.

Poster (Portrait).

3 x 16:9 images (2 from the film and a headshot).

Log-line synopsis (no more than 20 words).

Key cast (Only the lead actors, with their roles).

Production year.

If selected, the submitter of a work of short fiction must provide the following within 30 days of notification:

A PDF copy of the work of short fiction

A headshot

A synopsis (no more than 20 words).

A 1-2 minute clip (HD/2K) of the author reading a passage from the text.  The clip may         contain concept art if desired, but concept art is not necessarily needed.

4 - All Official Selections will receive a live screening.  Short films and Web Series must submitted a MOV file for screening.  Feature film screenings will require a DCP screener.


1 - The submitter agrees that they are the owner and legal representative of the work. You are responsible for all copyright clearances and must have in place music, model/actor releases, distribution rights etc. If you need more information contact us.

2 - If you have a distribution deal or sales agent, we recommend that you consult them first. 

Get a 'letter of agreement' that allows you to submit to the Festival. Please consult all your partners before entering.

3 – The Festival is not liable for any infringement on copyright or ownership clearance issues.

4 - The Submitter accepts full responsibility for any breach of intellectual or trademark property.

5 - The Submitter permits the Festival to use their film, trailers and marketing material for all promotional purposes.

6 - By submitting your film, you permit the Festival to screen the film royalty-free during the Festival, and it includes alternative venues and designated times. Under no circumstances do we pay a screening fee.

7 - You cannot withdraw your film once selected for the festival line-up.

8 - By submitting, the filmmaker agrees that they have read and understood the terms & conditions of entry.

9 - We reserve the right to change or otherwise alter these Terms & Conditions at any time. Unless otherwise indicated, amendments will become effective immediately. 

Please review these Terms and Conditions. They stand as of 02.05.2024.  You can also email us at

If you wish to be involved in a Question and Answer or Panel Discussion, contact us within a reasonable time frame before the event.


Impressum/Legal Notice

Impressum/Legal Notice

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Berlin Sci-Fi Film Fest

Berlin Sci-Fi FilmFest c/o Schneider

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Represented by:

Harold Schneider

Dr Isabella Herman


Telephone: +49 162 215 7171


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Berlin Sci-Fi FilmFest c/o Schneider

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